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Stas Khirman

This page goals!!!


I am opening this page to share WinNT and Win95 networking application design related issues. Here you can find some valuable information and examples designed by me and my friends. I plan to discuss Winsock,SNMP,TDI,NDIS problems and secrets. Most discussions will be concentrated over UNDOCUMENTED or little known APIs and approaches. If you have something to add or share, drop me an e-mail.

Have a nice day!!!!

TCP/IP internal Secrets!!!!

In the search for the self or how to find out your IP:
Local IP address and netmask access program (Source!!):
Active connection enumerator (Source!!!): How "netstat -a" work? Look for answer...


As you can see, my English is not very good (actually it is very bad!!). I will be happy to get you corrections!!!